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How it works for a Teacher

Create a tutor's profile for free
  • Sign up and build up your profile
  • Submit and wait for approval in 24 hours
  • Share your profile on social media
Tell your students
  • Email your profile page to students
  • Share your profile page on Facebook
  • Invite the students to Virtual Classroom for free
  • Build up your own students' pool
Schedule and Teach
  • Easily chat, message, share files and schedule a service with your students
  • Simple, secure and seamless billing support
  • Free and innovative teaching tools that provide excellent online learning experience

Why choose airstudy?

Advertise your profile around Australia or near you for free

Airstudy utilises innovative technology to ensure secure privacy. At the same time, you are visible to the national students' network.

Innovative tutoring management solution

Airstudy is integrated with an innovative end-to-end tutoring solution including chat, message, share files, schedule and vritual classroom.

Secure and efficient billing support

Airstudy provides a transparent, simple and secure payment system with no hidden cost. You just focus on teaching and Airstudy will take care of the rest.

Explore More Subjects To Teach

Airstudy effectively connects professional tutors to students seeking additional help

You are fully supported with both teaching online or face to face options.

Teach in-person

Flexibility 100%

Choose your own location and time to fit your timetable.


Teachers may have access to more and better resources than available online.

Teach online

Extend student reach

We are a nation-wide community attracting students from all over Australia.

Easy and convenient

No travel time and great for a busy schedule.

Free teaching tools empower online teaching.

Why teach through Airstudy?

Manage your own tutoring business

Enjoy being your own boss. You can fit lessons into your timetable flexibly.

National network

Airstudy connects you to the nationwide students. Its virtual classroom helps you fully utilise online lessons without cost.

Create a professional profile for free

Your expertise will show on a nation-wide platform to attract potential students.

Free innovative online teaching tools

You have access to all free online teaching tools that help you deliver the best lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Airstudy?

The process of joining as an Airstudy teacher is simple. All you need to do is filling out your professional profile details including teaching experience, profile photo, set up your hourly rate, location, time availability, and agree to our independent service provider terms. Once your profile is approved by our team, we will try to find students for you. We are actively seeking local and online teachers in every suburb in Australia and offer flexible online teaching options for all the teachers.

How much does it cost to list and publish my profile on Airstudy?

Listing your profile to book new students through Airstudy is completely free and unlike other websites, you never have to buy or bid for leads or students. You also do not need to pay for increasing your search ranking on Airstudy. Your search ranking in Airstudy will only depend on your location, popularity from students' feedback, lessons taught through Airstudy.You have 100% control over your earnings at all times.

How will new students find me?

Thousands of new students come to Airstudy from everywhere in Australia looking for the perfect private instructor to help them achieve their goals. Students use our search filters to find teachers with awesome profile photos, detailed teaching experience descriptions. We provide all the free tools for you to make your way to the top of our search results where your profile will get the most views and bookings.

How do I get paid?

You are free to discuss and settle the payments with students via your own methods. We handle all the booking, communication and online classroom for you. It’s super convenient, and hassle-free for everyone.

Am I guaranteed to get new students?

No, we do not guarantee that you will receive new students. Why? The demand for lessons varies greatly depending on your geographic area and the subjects you teach. If you teach a rare subject, we recommend adding a few additional, more popular subjects to your profile (like English, Mathematics, Singing, Piano, Guitar, or a foreign language) to improve your chances of getting new students. We allow every teacher to choose up to 10 subjects.

What happens when I get a new student?

Once a new student has messaged, or booked through your profile, we will send you an email alert or SMS notification ASAP so you can start doing your happy dance. It is extremely important that you frequently check your emails or other communication methods. Make sure you reply to students in a timely manner.

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