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Bianca P.
Bianca P.
UNSW Medical Student
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UNSW Foundation Studies
UNSW Foundation Studies

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Available (Within 30km ~ 45mins drive from KINGSFORD, NSW 2032)
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Year 1-3: $30/hour
Year 4-5: $40/hour
Year 6-8: $50/hour
Year 9-10: $60/hour
Year 11-12: $70/hour

Any area outside of Eastern Suburbs: additional $10/hour for traveling fare.

Group rates: Subtraction of $10 in total per lesson.

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Teaching Experience for Mathematics
20 hours

I studied Additional and Elementary Mathematics back in Singapore and scored A1 for both subjects. I’ve also helped my friends in these subjects during my studies.

Teaching Experience for Biology
10 hours

I am a current Year 2 Medical student of UNSW, with a major focus in Human Biology.

Teaching Experience for English
200 hours

I have taught and helped many Chinese students in Foundation Studies, allowing them to achieve the scores they need to enter university, coming from a background with close to zero experience.

Teaching Experience for Yoga
250 hours

Hi! I am Bianca, a recent 200Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Certified Graduate from Sacred Paths Yoga, conducted in Bali Ubud, under the facilitators Lindsay Foreman and Adrianna Peters.

I have been practicing yoga for more than 5 years, starting off from youtube videos, then progressing to visiting a studio. In the past 1-2 years, I have been practicing daily at a local studio, going for their earliest classes in the morning (which tend to be 6-7am classes). It was only last year did I take the plunge and decided to go for my YTT, not only to deepen my practice, but to learn the skills to spread my passion and love for yoga.

Yoga has helped me through my darkest moments. It has also brought me more than the physical benefits of flexibility and strength, as well as mentally benefits of perseverance and mindfulness. Going through my YTT has challenged and taught me so much more about yoga, and I really do wish to be able to teach others this beautiful practice as well.

I have been teaching my friends and family members yoga since coming back from my training, and I’m proud to say I am one of their very first yoga teacher for some of them. I am currently a medical student from UNSW as well, hence I try to incorporate both meditation, as well as the anatomical adjustments of physical practice into my lessons, to ensure that my students can benefit the most out of them. I enjoy vinyasa style yoga the most, being able to flow through poses and adding the fun element into it.

Teaching Experience for Chinese
20 hours

I studied Higher Chinese language in GCE O level back in Singapore, achieving A1 for it.

Teaching Experience for Chemistry
200 hours

I’ve taught Chemistry (Year 11-12) for more than 2 years, primarily teaching Pre-University / Foundation students. I myself have achieved A Plus for my Chemistry High School results, and has helped many students attaining the results beyond their potential.

Teaching Experience for Anatomy
20 hours

I am a current Year 2 Medical Student of UNSW, and anatomy is a major part of the degree I am currently studying.

Teaching Experience for Meditation
200 hours

My meditation is in conjunction with my yoga certification, which is something I’m very interested in, and has recorded some meditation tracks for my family and friends at the same time.

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