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Teaching Experience for Piano
20000 hours

Years of experience teaching piano lessons, we have strong passion and patience for teaching children. our goal is to inspire your child’s love for music and motivate them to practice daily.
We used out experience and skill to raise our students with exponential development results. We established good relationship with our students and partnering with their parents to attain good progress.
Starting from the basic foundations through to intermediate and advanced, students will gain a solid understanding of the piano and music theory, learn to play efficiently and have fun!

* Specialize in teaching students and adults to maximise their talents in the art of music
* Highly experienced and qualified music teacher.
* Trained by some of the best music educators.
* helping students achieve their full potential.
* This is implemented in a fun and professional enviroment that opens up career pathways or for personal satisfaction.

This course is suitable to students who:

* Prefer one on one lessons
* Plan to practice at least 4 times a week, 45 minutes a day
* Are possibly interested in enrolling for instrument exams
* Are aged between 5 and 95, male or female

* AMEB Exams in all grades

Teaching Experience for Singing

Singing is a fun thing to do. It is our mission to enable students to fully enjoy singing. Therefore, our learning culture is to guide students to learn in fun. Apart from the fact that curriculum design must truly grasp the progress of students, we should integrate diverse music listening and lead students to sing simple and interesting songs, to the advanced pieces, learners will ensure that the course will be easy and fun with a moderate degree of practice and lead the trainees into the pathway of music professional. Therefore we also prepare students to undertake the ABRSM, AMEB and Trinity grade exam for their further professional development.

As in singing learning, the different ability of individual student, only one-to-one instruction can completely solve the difficulties encountered by different students in their studies. After observing and guiding the students carefully, we can find and correct problems at the earliest stage, and through systematic tutorials, we can build a solid foundation step by step, and provide supplementary materials and application exercises in the different stage. Your singing skills can be steady improved.

* Teach all forms of vocal singing included classical opera, pop, jazz
* Can apply the technique of classical into all genres of music
* offer singing training to children and adults - from beginners through to professional vocalists.

Seiko Wong is a Cross-over Soprano and Brisbane renowned vocal coach, the director of Brisbane Music Center. She is taught by the Australian renowned master opera singer Maggie Noonan. Seiko has been devoting herself to develop students’ talents in music and also interpersonally in the process of learning music. Her strength of training their students using the traditional bel canto method and crossover to contemporary vocal singing, Seiko is a rare artist in Brisbane who is experienced in teaching music in diversity such as classical and contemporary singing of multicultural music.

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