Akash P.
Akash P.
Experienced mathematics tutor for children in yr3-yr10
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Teaching Experience for Geometry
10 hours

I have taught basic and complex geometrical concepts to 3 students so far. I clearly explain key principles of geometry and revise over thorough examples and problems. Many of these problems have also been complex word problems and I always work through these problems step by step with the student. Some of the concepts of geometry I have taught include: Congruent and similar triangles, area, volume, surface area, parallel lines, chord theorems, tangents and angle properties in a circle.

Teaching Experience for Algorithms
20 hours

I have effectively taught basic and complex algorithms to my students for a very long time. Over this time I found many different ways of teaching certain concepts that are often left out by others. I believe that having the ability to explain the same concept to someone in a different way is very important because it caters to the need of the student. It also gives students a choice to what method they prefer, giving them a greater chance at learning a concept in an effective manner. I am able to tutor in mathematics algorithms as well as computing programming algorithms.

Teaching Experience for Algebra
20 hours

I have a long experience in teaching algebra in way that the student understand and also enjoy. I have a wide, in-depth knowledge of algebra that allows me to explain concepts in various ways. I work interpersonally with the student to find out a method that suits them best. I have thorough knowledge of algebra and I work with the student to go through problems step-by-step. Concepts of algebra that I've taught include: solving equations, factorising, expanding, linear equations, graphing, simultaneous equations, inequalities and quadratics.

Teaching Experience for Statistics
10 hours

I have great experience in teaching statistical mathematics and explaining concepts that are often hard for students to grasp. I have a well informed understanding of statistics and can help students to grasp onto concepts a lot better with my tutoring. I am able to cover any concept that the student is unsure about, and allow them to ask any questions they want. I am capable of explaining concepts in many different ways, giving the student more variety in their approach to a problem. I am also happily willing to repeat myself if the student didn't understand. Some of the concepts in Statistics that I've covered before include: summary statistics, mean, median mode, box plots, standard deviation, scatter plots and histograms

Teaching Experience for Numeracy
20 hours

I have an in-depth understanding of Numeracy and am able to communicate key concepts to my students in a way that they are guaranteed to understand. I specialise in preparing students for NAPLAN from any year 3-9. I have taught 5 students separately for NAPLAN, all who were very pleased with me and landed themselves in the top band on the score card. I myself have done NAPLAN numeracy 4 times and have consistently landed above the top band. I teach students methodically and will cover many different ways of approaching a particular problem.

Teaching Experience for Mathematics
40 hours

I have great, extensive experience of teaching mathematics to many students . I teach maths to both primary and secondary students and cover topics with them thoroughly and rigorously. I have experience in teaching basic mathematics as well a complex, extension mathematics. I have notably worked with students partaking in the WAMPSP program who need help with their challenge and enrichment problems. I also have experience in working at a very basic fundamental level. I teach students methodically and go through topics with them with great depth, allowing for them too gain a detailed understanding. When working through problems, I help them every step of the way until they have enough confidence and knowledge to successfully complete problems without aid.

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