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Alexandros C.
Alexandros C.
Medical Student @ The University of Melbourne tutoring Bio, Chem, English.
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Education Background
Bachelor Degree or equivalent
University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Neuroscience)

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Available (Within 10km ~ 20mins drive from PARKVILLE, VIC 3052)
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10:30 - 20:00

Teaching Experience for Biology

I have had the chance to tutor multiple students at university-level biology subjects at the University of Melbourne. Having obtained a First Class Honours (H1) in my overall degree and in all of my biology subjects, I have gained great perspective in explaining difficult biological and biochemical concepts in a way that adheres to my students' personal learning styles.
Whether you are seeking primary school / highschool level tutiledge or university-level, you will be provided with intuitive ways to not only think of complex biological systems, but also how they connect with each other, imparting you with a biological perspective which will deem memorisation/ROTE learning unnecessary.
As I am also significantly experienced with writing experimental reports, a hallmark of most university-level biology subjects, I provide my students with intuitive and easy-to-grasp essentials that will make their report not only stand out, but also reach a professional standard.

Teaching Experience for Chemistry

I have experience in teaching students university-level chemistry, particularly in the fields of physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. I also aim to contextualise chemical concepts with biological processes to remove a lot of the ambiguity that might be stopping a lot of students from fully grasping the material at hand.

Teaching Experience for English Standard

I am actively tutoring prospective medical students undertaking the GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test) in Section 2, the essay-writing section. Having achieved an 80 in Section 2 (achieved by the top 99.5th percentile of GAMSAT takers, less than 30 people per 6000), I have great intuition into what it takes to write an excellent essay, analyse text succinctly but with great detail, and do so under time pressure. I will teach you written communication skills that you can not only apply to future essay assignments, but also to your every-day life (e.g. communicating professionally with academics, employers, etc.).

I also achieved 39/40 in my high school GAT (General Achievement Test) writing section, again scoring amongst the top 0.5% of Victorian high-school students.

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