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Teaching Experience for Physics

I completed VCE Physics in 2019, with a raw score of 43 and 45.13 scaled score.

Since VCE Physics requires a balanced amount of knowledge between theory and theory-related mathematics, building a strong foundation in Physics theory is very critical to ace the subject. With myself started VCE Physics as a person with basic understandings and non-Physics specialized background, I'm confident that my method of self-studying as well as self-teaching can help anyone with a starting point like me or higher, to obtain the essential basis of VCE Physics, and from that achieving the better outcome for such limited given study time.

Teaching Experience for Mathematics

During my two-year studying VCE, I undertook Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics. In 2019, I completed VCE Mathematical Methods with a raw score of 46 (49.03 scaled score), and VCE Specialist Mathematics with a raw score of 40 (50.64 scaled score).

Maths is one of the few subjects which I am so passionate about, that I even undertake an extra maths subject during my current year at university. Throughout my Year 12, I have helped many of my peers when they struggled with the homework or simply just when they didn't catch up with classes. Since I always tried to break down a Maths concept or problem in the most logical way possible, all of my friends had found my help to be really helpful and my explanation was much easier to follow. By that, I'm eager for an opportunity to share my study method to others in help, and that I can assist you in the journey of achieving your goals.

Teaching Experience for Biology

I completed VCE Biology in 2019, with a raw score of 40 (40.92 scaled score). Undertaking Biology wasn't in my initial VCE subject plan at any point, yet by chance I took it in and it was one of the most enjoyable subject that I'd ever taken while doing VCE.

Although Biology is generally taught/guided in separate chapters and sections, to ace the subject, the best approach is to connect this study area to another and view them as a united system. A comprehensive note with images/graphs/drawings will certainly be a more than useful tool to study this subject, as it helps retaining the knowledge longer than just simply blocks of texts. Since this method had definitely help me in my Year 12 (despite the fact that English is my second language), I believe that this can come in handy for many of others as well.

Teaching Experience for English

I completed VCE English as an Additional Language (an equivalent to English but for international students) in 2019, with a raw score of 43 (43.83 scaled score).

For this subject, I only offer classes for Language Analysis (a.k.a APA), since text response section is varied from schools to schools.

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