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Amanda P.
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Elizabethtown College, USA
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Teaching Experience for Violin

After graduating college in 2018, I moved to Australia to be with my partner. I began searching for students soon after I got settled here in 2019 , eager to begin teaching again. Below you will find my student teaching experiences, with some bullet points of important aspects from those experiences. Before that, throughout my high school career, I also worked with a co-operation program within my school district to work with middle school orchestral students. In that same district, I worked with students during a summer camp at my high school run by my orchestral director, in which I taught students assigned to me 1-on-1. I also had a similar camp counselling experience in college.

Senior Level Student Teaching
Central Dauphin East Middle School- Mrs. Amanda Wilson’s General Music/Choir
(8 weeks each, every day) January-March 2018
• Expanded upon techniques and ideas already instilled by previous teachers
• Gained experience on instruction on dynamic context
• Planned and began instruction on beat
• Introduced the concept of composition and variety
• Continued to establish the idea of steady beats and rhythms
• Implemented classroom management skilled learned by cooperating teacher
• Worked in large group ensembles with a variety of experience and skill levels

Senior Level Student Teaching
Central Dauphin East High School- Mrs. Dalinda Bohr’s Orchestra/Guitar I and II
(8 weeks each, every day) March-May 2018
• Expanded upon techniques and ideas students had already been working on
• Gained a better idea of the ASTA curriculum
• Implemented classroom management skilled learned by cooperating teacher
• Worked in large group ensembles with a variety of experience and skill levels
• Introduced and conducted a piece played on the spring concert
• Worked on skills on all string instruments required for each class

Teaching Experience for Viola

I began my journey on the viola while I was in college after my college orchestra had a shortage of the section. I fell in love with this rich instrument, and already having extensive experience with the violin, I fell into viola very quickly and well. It quickly became my secondary instrument, performing it in all ensembles except my lessons as part of my major. After graduating, I taught more violin students however, I did teach a beginner viola student last year in 2019, only halting lessons due to her moving further South. Through this experience, as well as my performance experiences with the viola, I am completely confident that I can teach this gorgeous instrument.

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