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Teaching Experience for Mathematics

I am a mechanical engineer with 9 years' work experience in manufacturing field. Most of my work experience was centered around a lot of arithmetic, mathematical calculations and physics. Furthermore, as part of my preparations for GMAT (Score of 690) I was continuously in touch with various mathematical topics. I spent a lot of my time volunteering as a math tutor for underprivileged students in my hometown. I am very good at algebra, trigonometry, linear equations and geometry. If any student needs special attention in any particular topic, I can devise easy-to-understand and innovative teaching methods to enable him/her to grasp the subject.

Teaching Experience for IELTS

I have taken IELTS twice, once in 2014 and once in 2019. At the first attempt I scored 8.5 overall with 9.0 in listening and reading. In my second attempt I scored 8.0 overall with again 9.0 in listening and reading. And I am extremely good at writing essays, but Alas, my handwriting failed me in getting the perfect score. Basically exams like IELTS are 70% skills and 30% exam tips. Such tips and guidelines will help us to use our skills to score maximum marks during exams. So I can help students with both - taking up exercises to develop the required skills and modifying those skills so that it can be effectively used on exam day. Such tips will be the difference in getting a 6.0 score and 8.0+ score.

Teaching Experience for GMAT

I have taken GMAT twice, once in 2014 and once in 2017. In my second attempt I was able to score 30 marks more for an overall score of 690. My writing score was a perfect 6.0/6.0. As with any exams, acing GMAT requires a combination of 70% skill and 30% exam tips. These exam tips will boost your score and make the difference between a 700+ score and a 600+ score. Such tips will come in handy especially in Reading Comprehension and Data Sufficiency. These sections have to be smartly dealt with. Problem solving and Sentence Correction needs a lot of exercises and practice, and I will handhold the student and help them with easy methods to solve difficult questions. Critical reasoning and IR are all about logic - we have to train ourselves to break down the question step-by-step so that the answers automatically filter through. Usually in Reasoning sections, we'll be stuck with the final two choices and it'll make us to break our head to choose the final answer. Fear not, there are ways to overcome this common problem that exam-takers face. Any my favorite, AWA (Analytical writing assessment) - my bulletproof template will surely help you get a perfect 6.0 if mastered correctly, and it is a very easy template to follow.

Teaching Experience for Tamil

I am a native Tamil speaker and an avid reader of Tamil books and novels. I can tutor students with written and spoken Tamil and make the whole experience fun.

Teaching Experience for English

With an IELTS score of 8.0 and GMAT score of 690, I have very strong working knowledge of English. Besides, I am an avid reader of fiction, non-fiction and informative magazines and I take academic interest in the writing styles, narrative and vocabulary of what I read. My strong areas are vocabulary, grammar and essay-writing. Please read through my experience in IELTS and GMAT for further information on my credentials.

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