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Education Background
Bachelor Degree or equivalent
University of Melbourne
Cellular Biology (Honours)

In-person and online
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Available (Within 5km ~ 10mins drive from ST LUCIA, QLD 4067)
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24 hours notice required
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Group rates $35/hr
Triple lesson [3h block] $100
Students below year 10 $35/hr
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Teaching Experience for Biology

I have been tutoring Biology since 2016 and have had over 10 students either complete a full year of weekly sessions or join my last minute exam revision seminars. I am very well versed in the topics covered in Units 1-4 Biology as I have since completed a degree specialising in Cellular Biology and use the tips and tricks picked up in university to guide students through the stressful year that is year 12. My end of year exam seminars are offered to any student who feels that they need an addition questions-based approach in the month leading up to the exam or even before certain SACs. I have helped students achieve scores above 40 by teaching them not only the content but the correct approach to different types of questions as well as the proper work ethic required to manage a heavy work load and time constraints and still yield optimal results.

Teaching Experience for Chemistry

I have also tutored Chemistry since 2016 and have many students complete year 12 with my guidance. I believe that Chemistry is the strongest Science and it is heavily logic based. It is the the understanding of this logic and the ability to apply it to different contexts that stratifies students in this subject. As such, I teach in a way to promote this understanding of these relatively complex concepts and once grasped, my students begin to perform at a very high standard.

Teaching Experience for Mathematics

I only offer Mathematic tutoring up to a Year 10 level. this is because I feel that middle school maths education is lacking and is a very formative time as it moulds students into choosing which stream of maths they would like to continue in VCE. This is particularly important as only some strains are recognised under tertiary pre-requisites and the lack of strength in middle school math teaching often pushes students to choosing an easier stream or to drop maths all-together. I tutored 4 students for the Selective school entry exams in mathematics and numerical reasoning, all of whom got in. As maths is universal, I have been able to apply my teaching to a wide range of students- varying in age, experience and background and have still managed to receive positive outcomes as all my students have significantly improved.

Teaching Experience for English

I have offered English tutoring since 2017 and have tutored around 15 students from Primary school toYear 10. I have a strong essay writing background and recently completed my own thesis for a Honours year and have the ability to tutor students not only for text response and language analysis but also for scientific writing. I do not offer VCE English tutoring due to the time commitment that it requires but I am able to mark essays here and there. If anyone is struggling I can even read over essays for free. My student shave mostly been in middle school and have had trouble with text responses and verbal reasoning. I tutored 8 students for the Selective school entry exams in reading comprehension and verbal reasoning, all of whom got in. I love English and truly enjoy these classes.

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