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Ed L.
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Teaching Experience for English

I've been teaching English since 2017, both here in Australia, and in Europe. I love languages with a passion, and speak a few, so I've been a student myself, and know how difficult it can be sometimes.

I've taught one on one, small groups, and large classes at schools. I've taught individuals, business clients, and other English teachers.

Client Testimonials

From a fellow English teacher

'I have been speaking English all my life and decided to train in teaching English overseas. Ed
helped me with difficult grammar exercises and he was very smart, clear, patient and a good
listener. It all clicked after my session with him'.

DJ, phone tutoring session

From students in Tachov, Czech Republic

"Very good experience. Your English is very clear and understandable. Everything was
explained nicely and in a fun way. With the topics for pair discussion, we could debate for
hours. Sadly, we don't have time for that."

"This week was definitely a welcomed bonus to our English lessons. It was fun and quite
beneficial for most of us, at least I think so. I found the listening to lyrics quite interesting,
especially since it was one of my favourite songs. I'd welcome more of an open discussion, but
apart from that there's not really anything negative to point out"

"I feel that my English skills are better than before. You are very a funny man. You've many
experiences which you can tell and share with us. I don't think there is anything to change.
Thank you for these ten hours in which I improved in English. David."

"For me these English lessons were very interesting, fun and informative. It's great to try
talking to someone who really knows English. It helped me a lot in my English. Nice talking to
you, and you have fun lessons that helped me talk more. Maybe I can graduate from English.
Yours warmly, Liliana."

Teaching Experience for Life Coach

Client Testimonials

In just moments, I knew that Ed’s youthful countenance thinly veiled an old soul. Bursting with energy and integrity, here was a life coach with the intuition and information I needed to move ahead.

But it wasn’t just a working knowledge of the best ideas I would ever be exposed to, it was his use of Self that infused me with the willingness to take action. I responded to his non judgmental, affirming way of being in a way that proved to be transformative and freeing and goal producing.

Trisha Kitchen, FL USA

I have no hesitation in recommending Ed Love as a life coach. I have found him to be one of the most evolved and level headed gentlemen it has been my pleasure to meet. He really is the leading edge of human beings, and an example of what New Age man looks like.

Ralph Hurst-Meyers, Canberra Australia

I have had many twelve dialogues with Mr. Love and I found them to be extremely useful in clarifying my thoughts and beliefs about happiness. He brings to dialogues and to life in general a non judgmental, accepting attitude and I found his questions were very helpful in their clarity and conciseness.

From his experience of life, courses attended and his openness to new ideas I would describe him as an expert in matters of happiness. I have no hesitation in recommending him either for the dialogue process or for any way of looking at happiness and its related issues of personal goals and effectiveness, or for group work on the same activities. He will be an asset whichever way his expertise is used.

Paul A Cave, London UK

I recently shared a few hours with Ed Love and he told me some amazing stories about the positive effects of EFT. We did a process on my fear of being assertive with my older sister. I’d had such difficulty communicating with her..

Ed has a wonderfully relaxed manner, and I was impressed by his style and confidence in what he’s doing.

Jenny Dyson, Sydney Australia

Teaching Experience for Physical Conditioning

I've taught private clients how to get fit and healthy without spending hours a day in an expensive gym. All you need is 15 minutes a day. I also teach other aspects of health, such as nutrition, sleep, and emotional intelligence.

Teaching Experience for Society and Culture

Did you know there's a great deal more to dealing with other cultures than just knowing about food and drink, arts, and activities? There's a whole hidden area of values and beliefs that are even more important.

e.g. some cultures, like the USA, focus on competition above all else, and individual rights. Others, like China, are much more interested in group harmony, and making sure all are taken care of.

Without understanding about a dozen of these differences, you're an odds on favourite to cause a great deal of misunderstanding, and perhaps even offence, when dealing with other cultures.

For both business and pleasure, these hidden dimensions of culture are extremely important.

I've lived all over the world, in both English speaking countries, and others where few spoke English. On top of that, I've studied many books on the topic, and done a course. This gives me an excellent theoretical background to go with my practical experience.

If you'd like to know more, get in touch. These ideas can be the vital difference between success and failure.

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