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Teaching Experience for Martial Arts
10 hours

25 years of loving and learning the Arts of War. Most of my Martial teaching is done through my 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions. Not claiming to be the best fighter in the world, just have a knack for finding a fighter's element (earth, fire, wind, water, lightning and void) and finding the best fighting style for them. That being said, I only teach basics, then refer them elsewhere for intermediate (if they desire a style that I can't teach) then offer advanced if worthy. This is because I can't learn everything, besides too many arts can conflict. I also teach Martialism, mine is a contemporary mix of both Eastern and Western Martial Studies. A Martial mind is sharp and powerful. Better to have the better Martial Mind in your head and your kids than thy enemies. Martial Arts is the best safety insurance for your children. A kidwithout Martial Arts is a lamb to a kidnapper/bully. A kid with Martial Arts is the Wolverine you don't mess with. Better to be a weapon needing a knife.

Teaching Experience for Basketball

I coached under 16s and under 18s boys for a season. It was like a mighty ducks story, but came in 3rd of 15 teams. Dream run for our 1st and only seasons. Martialism minded and Personal Training background really helped.

Teaching Experience for Karate

Love Karate

Teaching Experience for Kendo

More a Kenjuitsu guy.

Teaching Experience for Kickboxing

Who hasn't done? Family Friends with the Badato Brothers since before Reinhardt's first Championship victory.

Teaching Experience for Kung Fu

My Sifu's abilities are terrifying. I am a Cert 4 in Kung Fu equivalent (rough estimate). We don't have belts, though we get gauged by how many we can fight in one go, I didn't do the test because it was done on the street against a random group of males. Didn't agree to unsanctioned provocation. Could'nt use class to assess because not enough students of standard skill. So in my youth I was estimated at 10. I know, not impressive.

Teaching Experience for Self Defense

I have certification in this subject.

Teaching Experience for Taekwondo

I know it, it was my first learnt martial art but it is nolonger my dominant Style.

Teaching Experience for Weightlifting

I am a Certified Personal Trainer.

Teaching Experience for Athletics

I am a Certified Personal Trainer.

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