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Teaching Experience for English
6000 hours

I have been an ESL teacher for 3 years and have a lot of experience teaching English to non-English speakers.

Teaching Experience for Hip Hop & Rap
100 hours

I have thought some people on how to structure their lyrics and flow and how to finesse lyrics that don't rhyme to sound like they do by setting up the bar correctly.

Teaching Experience for Acting
2000 hours

As a film-maker I have helped many aspiring actors to better their ability and understand the craft not just as an actor but what a director wants.

Teaching Experience for Drama
2000 hours

As a film-maker, I have much experience with drama and the art of it.​

Teaching Experience for Photography Video and Digital Imaging
3000 hours

I have a education in film and can impart my knowledge to those who wish to learn.

Teaching Experience for Kickboxing
500 hours

As an avid mix-martial artist I have helped many of my peers develop their skills when I have been requested by them, I can teach you not just how to kickbox but how YOU should kickbox.

Teaching Experience for Martial Arts
3000 hours

I have much experience in many martial arts and have been obsessed​ with it since I can remember, If you want to learn I can teach you.

Teaching Experience for Self Defense
5000 hours

I have been defending my self since I was a boy, as a smaller man I learnt that not just martial arts is important but also all things that involve self-defence, awareness, the practicality of action and situational assessment​, I can teach you.

Teaching Experience for Judo
100 hours

Judo is my newest endeavour into martial arts, I have experience in BJJ and boxing and some wrestling but judo is my new obsession​ I can teach you what I've learnt.

Teaching Experience for Boxing
500 hours

In my many years of martial arts training (over 10 years) I have always focused on my boxing, boxing is the glue that holds together all the other techniques, infighting, boxing is the most essential as almost all fights start with punches, learning how to slip a punch, block a punch and punch back is an artform and crucial to self-defence and martial arts.

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