Junwei L.
Junwei L.
if a programmer can not play table tennis, hes not a good teacher.
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Teaching Experience for Chinese
20 hours


Chinese is a charming language because of more than 5000 years history of China,
In my session, you will learn from the most popular words, and the field you interested in.

First, is it difficult for elementary teaching? It can be said to be difficult, because a student is like a blank piece of paper.
Generally speaking, as long as simple training of elementary is almost no problem. All in all, elementary education is a model thing, just like McDonald's makes burgers.
You don't need to know how to cook, but the taste is good.

Second, the characteristics of institutional junior students: Several types of people: 1. Working in China 2. Housewife 3. Traveling 4.
Common characteristics of children being forced by their mothers: 1. Learning motivation is not very strong, many are learning Learning Chinese as entertainment is not expensive anyway. 2. Review is generally not previewed. 3. I just want to learn something practical, and I can say that it is the best. 4. If you are not interested, you will not learn.

Therefore, the principles of elementary teaching are 1. Practicality-oriented 2. Pay attention to phonetics and spoken language 3. Lay the basic grammar system, but do not explain grammar in depth 4. Chinese characters are not the focus, At most it is only interested in teaching 5. Starting from the actual life of the students 6. Teaching standard phrases, idioms, idioms, rest language, ancient Chinese

Teaching Experience for Swimming
10 hours

I can swim as a fish or a frog or a Squirtle. Welcome to meet me and have a fun class

Teaching Experience for Table tennis
50 hours

Experienced ping pang player that have rich training experience.
Teach you hand to hand and learn how to play in 3 days.

Teaching Experience for Computer Programming

I am a programmer and website developer, if u r a beginner and want to start learning programming, come and find me.
I ll teach you how to create a game by yourself.

Teaching Experience for General Computer
100 hours

Able to resolve technical issues - have experience on computer, smart phone and printer.

Methodology - have experience with Agile and used to follow the task process by sprint.

Good manage conflicting priorities ability - able to classify the issue and its priority.

Excellent customer services - I worked in an international education agent as a customer service.

Have experience with most common operating system - MacOS, Windows and Linux

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A$35 /hour

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Only pay for time you need
Find the right fit, or your first hour is free

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