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Kalana S.
Kalana S.
3 Years Experience - Medical Student - Science, Mathematics and Health
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Master Degree
Griffith University
Doctor of Medicine
Griffith University
Medical Science

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Teaching Experience for Chemistry

I have tutored Chemistry for 3 years. I received a VHA (very high achievement) in Chemistry at the end of year 12. I am very passionate about chemistry and have been studying it during high school as well as at university for 3 years. Chemistry is arguably one of the hardest subjects. Therefore, it is a must for students to be taught not only the content but also how to learn the content and apply it efficiently and effectively.

Teaching Experience for Physics

I have tutored Physics for 3 years. I came second in the graduating cohort of 2017 in Physics at Brisbane State High School. I also received a VHA for Physics.

Teaching Experience for Mathematics

I have been tutoring Mathematics for 2 years now. I received a VHA 10 (highest possible mark) for Mathematics during high school. I have always excelled at Mathematics, and thoroughly enjoy teaching it. Mathematics can be a difficult subject to get a good grasp on so it is essential that students get taught by someone who has experience teaching such a subject for several years.

Teaching Experience for Biology

I am a recent graduate with a degree in Medical Science. I am now currently studying a Doctor of Medicine at Griffith University. I excelled at Biology during high school and have continued to study human biology throughout my University life.

Teaching Experience for CPR

I gained a Certificate in CPR, emergency life support and first aid last year.

Teaching Experience for Bodybuilding

I have been 'bodybuilding' for 3 years now. I have always been interested in health and fitness. I have produced workout plans and taught many people the ropes of the gym.

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