Ryan C.
Ryan C.
Qualified HPE Teacher with strengths in Physical and Mental Wellbeing
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University of Western Australia
Sport and Exercise Science

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Available (Within 30km ~ 45mins drive from KUNUNURRA, WA 6743)
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Teaching Experience for Physical Conditioning

My degree provides a strong foundation to delver a whole body physical conditioning program. I draw on my experience both in the Work force having managed gyms as a Health and lifestyle coordinator but also in the education system with secondary students. Foundation principals of exercise physiology would be taught along with exercise technique, mobility and rehab techniques. This would be achieved with students applying their knowledge and understanding to a weekly physical conditioning program.

Teaching Experience for Life Coach

I have extensive experience working in various roles with youth at risk. This has given me a unique understanding on how to build relationships and listen to the needs of young people regardless of back ground and current circumstance. My role would be in supporting students to realise the possibilities for their future through a lense of creativity and positivity. More specifically i look forward to drawing on my experience to deliver a program that can restructure mind set, as needed, to prioritise physical and mental health in life. This would be done on an individual basis through shared experiences, practices and routines. Students would be supported and encouraged to make positive life choices, as they wish, with out judgement or pressure. Happy to discuss further but aspects of the program would likely draw attention to the following;

Routine - Identifying routines weather good or bad and how they affect our physiology, goals and mental health.
Sleep - what is it, why it is important and how to support our body/mind to sleep optimally.
Mindset -Supporting students to understand the narrative they tell themselves and how this may be affecting their perspective, mood, energy and success.
Physical Activity -Drawing awareness to the body and how to become physically healthy. Exercise, strength training, sport, etc
Relationships - how to build positive and meaningful relationships. Look closely at social media, its effects and how to manage.
Meditation - How to quiet the mind. Todays world is full of distraction and has the mind running at %110. Using various techniques (everybody is different) including stretching, active mediation and breathing techniques to find daily respite for the self.

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