Tamara H.
Tamara H.
Experienced tutor, upper-primary to adult
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Bachelor Degree or equivalent
University of Adelaide

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In-person and online
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Available (Within 5km ~ 10mins drive from ROCHEDALE SOUTH, QLD 4123)
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12 hours notice required
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Online lessons $45
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Teaching Experience for English

I have tutored students in English for 9 years, at all levels. I have a very good command of English usage, grammar, and expression. I have also tutored students in ESL, for the same amount of time, and have lots of experience in this. I love language & want to help others love it and know how to use it with confidence & skill.

Teaching Experience for French

I am qualified as a teacher of French in Australian schools (but do not currently teach in schools). I have taught at primary and secondary level in schools, and have tutored a few students in French - there's sadly not much demand for it as a tutor, but it's one of my favourite subjects to help in.

Teaching Experience for Modern History

I'm qualified as a teacher of History in Australia. I've tutored students in this subject & would love to tutor in it more often, as it's my other favourite subject with French.

Teaching Experience for Ancient History

I am qualified as a teacher of History in Australia, and have taught Ancient History at secondary level & tutored in it previously. I love history & know what's required to do well in this subject at school & uni & how to understand it. I hope I can also pass on my love of this subject.

Teaching Experience for Cello

I have taught a few beginners in cello. I'm an amateur cellist, and teach beginners to intermediate level. I have played since childhood & participated in school &community orchestras & small ensembles. My aim in teaching cello is to develop interest, the necessary skills, & a desire to keep going & see all that is possible with this instrument. I don't teach for exams.

Teaching Experience for Gardening

I haven't yet taught gardening to anyone formally. I have theoretical & practical experience in food-growing, and practical experience in general gardening. I studied food securityat Master's level & have knowledge of sustainable food production at the household & community level. I am passionate about this & would love to share my knowledge.

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