Terence C.
Terence C.
I always remember it's not about the teacher, it's about the student.
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Teaching Experience for English
20 hours

I tutor secondary school students in English comprehension and writing - and general work involving writing in other subjects.
I teach Chinese students (child and adult) online.
Professionally, I review business documents for correct English, and general clarity of writing, and work with the authors to improve their business-writing ability,
On-and-off, I work with primary and secondary school students on a voluntary basis, in the classroom, helping with reading writing, and generally help them understand what they should be doing.
I write fiction and poetry (for a hobby), business documents, and adult training courses.

Teaching Experience for English Standard
20 hours

Students often struggle to get to grips with set texts and to analyse them in a way that is original enough to get them good marks.
It hard to get good at something that you find difficult or not very interesting.
I can help students with both their set texts and help them to do effective research by making it more fun.

Teaching Experience for English Studies
25 hours

Many students find that 2-3 hours per week of English Studies leaves them slowly losing confidence in their abilities. as they struggle with essay writing and literary analysis. The very terms can strike
fear into young hearts. Often the root cause is a lack of interest in the topics. I can work with students with topics they find more interesting, building their confidence, so they start to do well at set pieces.

Teaching Experience for Microsoft Access
100 hours

I have worked with Microsoft Access for many years, developing commercial applications for companies such as Turners & Growers, The University of Auckland, Shell, and Statistics New Zealand.

Teaching Experience for Microsoft PowerPoint
30 hours

I work professionally with Microsoft PowerPoint.
I produce PowerPoint for general presentations, and also for training courses.

It's easy to use PowerPoint, I can show both the basics and the advanced features.

For younger users, I can help you with presentations for the classroom

Adult working on company presentations often fall into the 'Death by Bullet Point' trap.
I can work with you to produce more effective slides that support what you are saying, rather than just repeating it.

PowerPoint has powerful animation capabilities for producing active diagrams and pictures, and is also surprisingly good for developing a range of drawings, pictures, and diagrams.
I can unlock your potential!

Teaching Experience for SQL
100 hours

Not so much teaching it, as using it.
I have been a SQL developer for Shell, and have used SQL for professional commercial databases on SQL Server, and also smaller databases for Microsoft Access.
Using SQL is also about database theory and design.
I can help you whether you want to produce a small application for use in the home, or are studying SQL as part of computer science course.

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