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Timothy W.
The only one true thing I can teach my students is self discipline.
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Teaching Experience for Drawing

Drawing has been the longest and most consistent artform I have practiced in my life. Having started in Childhood, I developed into typically creating charcoal landscape, portrait and cityscape pictures, but my medium goes beyond this. My greatest success in drawing has been my 2011 'Doodle for Google' my future Australia drawing, which won the National prize and ran on the google homepage for 24 hours on Australia day 2012. I draw in several styles, but I am always developing in my realism drawing, most clearly seen through my charcoal portraits. I have a passion in this area, and draw to help others and myself contemplate on beauty, and in that way find the purpose of beauty. I have a great sense of patience when it comes to teaching others to draw, in order that they may discover their own capability to self-discipline and achieve a goal of their design, which is achievable and a measure of how accurately they execute what their mind designs.

Teaching Experience for Drama

Since my involvement in Drama Sports in community theatre groups from 2013, I have developed a love for stage performing and film performing also. I translated much of this passion into organising a U niversity student Theatre Society, putting out productions of Shakespeare plays, Oscar Wilde Plays, Film adaptations and Skits, for the entertainment of the college, families and local community. For All these stage plays I have acted as a director and producer, and in this role I have developed a passion and interest in training students to best disappear into their roles, all while investing their energy, nervous or otherwise, into their performances so that they learn to gain confidence in their public display. I develop a great relationship with my actors through their training, and several of them continue offering their talents in the medium of film.

Teaching Experience for Oil Painting

Of all the arts, Oil painting is the most recent artform I have started to practice, having only started since 2016. Since then I have developed a much great understanding of depth, light and dark, offset and tone, shape and touch required to create a stimulating and moving image. I am always developing in this artform, and my passion for this medium is continually increasing. I range from landscapes to still-life, portrait, classical to romanticism, impressionism and other styles, and can mimic quite effectively other artists hand, having done so in the past to best find my own. I would teach my student to best find what suits them, in order that they may enjoy the process more than the final product.

Teaching Experience for Calligraphy

Having written prolifically for friends and family events through cards for special annual events, as well as sign writing for my parishes, I have developed a great sense of aestheticism in the presentation of my letters. Often mimicing Old English and historic letter writing, I please my writers in the olf-fashioned presentation I choose to display my work. Often as is the case, I have taught several pupils how to mimic historic typography as well as calligraphy, helping them create products which harken back to history, european folklore and western mythology. As it is a gratifying experience, I can display great patience to my pupils while teaching them.

Teaching Experience for Painting

Since childhood I have developed a great passion for the history of Art, and this can be reflected in the different art styles I have practiced, which in turrn has helped me developmy talent in this medium. I am fully self taught in this area, and continue to push my boundaries in terms of what I can do. I also possess great patience in this area of study, as it is hard for my pupils to achieve gratification from the process of painting, which I inevitably am nuturing them toward.

Teaching Experience for Photography Video and Digital Imaging

Since High School I have developed an enourmous passion for Filmmaking and cinematography, which has required from me extensive practice in photography. Since then I have developed a great appreciation for framing, depth, focus, colour and lighting, all of which I continually am pushing myself in the boundaries of what I can achieve. I have a great passion for analysing pictures in it's aesthetics and for it's story-telling purposes. But above all else I approach my photos and shots as pictures an artist can paint, where everything mise en scene is serving it's purpose, and the visual composition not only delights but moves the viewer.

Teaching Experience for Watercolor Painting

Of mediums of painting, Watercolour is currently of the most central interest to me, as I am branching out my taste and appreciation in high eastern art and its influence in western culture. Most clearly is this evident in my analysis of Studio Ghibli films, which have taken up the center stage of my critical analysis of watercolour painting, and influence me most in my understanding of it. I have most associated watercolour painting with landscape and cityscape drawing, moving the viewer with images of the environment, which watercolour works best in. Nature and Agriculture is the continual object of my work, and the beauty of a character's environment.

Teaching Experience for Acting

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